Purposeful Living

Consumers speak with how they spend their money and volunteers speak with their time and talent. People want to make a difference but often do not know how. This series of blog posts is meant to educate and to inspire living lives of purpose with our time, talents and money.  As the writer of this blog, I promise to try these things out myself.  I’m not going to ask you to do anything I’m not willing to at least try to do myself.  I’m realistic and can’t imagine everyone doing everything but I hope you will try something and see if it increases your happiness or the happiness of someone around you.

Idea 1 - Be Ad Free (published 4/1/2013).

Idea 2 - Focus (published 4/8/2013).

Idea 3 - Collaborate (published 4/15/2013).

Idea 4 - Sustainable Community (published 4/24/2013).

Idea 5 - Thinking About Charity (published 4/29/2013).

Idea 6 - Eat Less Meat! (published 5/6/2013).

Idea 7 - Love the "Other" (published 5/14/2013).

Idea 8 - Watch Documentaries (published 5/21/2013).

Idea 9 - Watch This Documentary (published 5/31/2013).

Idea 10 - Recreate! (published 6/14/2013).

Idea 11 - Pay Cash at Local Businesses (published 6/23/2013).

Idea 12 - Shop Informed (published 6/29/2013).

Idea 13 - Consider Faith (published 9/5/2013).

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