10 Things I'm Thankful For

I've seen others do this and thought it'd be a good exercise.  I'm listing them as I think of them (not in order of importance).

1. Friends and Family - YOU are a huge encouragement as we take risks.  I can't begin to express how much you mean to me.
2. Our donors - YOU are helping to make Overflow a reality.  Every little bit counts!
3. Mercedes (my cat) - She helps me have fun when I get stressed out.
4. Books - I've learned so much this year from reading.
5. The Common Cup - My internship there was invaluable.
6. The American Heart Association - I learned so much from the people there and miss them.
7. The South Loop - for inspiring me each and every day to live life on purpose
8. Coffee - I wouldn't be where I am without you.
9. Facebook - for helping me keep in touch with old friends and get to know new friends.
10. Jesus - I was debating whether to put Him on here because it seems cliche but I can't stop thinking about all the things He's done in my life and done through me to impact others this past year.  I can truly say I'm a better (but not yet perfect) person on 11/23/2009 than I was on 11/23/2008 because of what He's been doing in my life.

The 100th Fan on Facebook

We interviewed Sarah, the person who became the 100th Fan of Overflow Coffee Bar on Facebook.  Sarah is a mom and spends what free-time she has volunteering to help build community.  Here's what she had to say:

Overflow: Why did you become a fan of Overflow Coffee Bar?
Sarah:  I became a fan of Overflow Coffee Bar because I love what they are about! So many people are dying to feel like they are a part of a family/community. They need to feel like they aren't alone in the world. To be able to come to a place and sit and have a simple cup of coffee or tea and build relationships with the people there may be the very thing that keeps them keeping on!

Overflow: What is your dream for Overflow Coffee Bar?
Sarah: To see it be a place where people come in for coffee and leave feeling loved, cared for, needed, wanted. Way more than they bargained for!

Overflow: What's your favorite coffee or tea drink?
Sarah: I love mochas, yum chocolate and coffee in the same cup. What could be better than that.

Overflow: What's your passion? What keeps you up at night? What brings tears to your eyes?
Sarah: My passion is seeing people loved unconditionally. Watching someone who hasn't been loved and seeing their whole life change because they realize that someone loves them just the way they are is just amazing to me. Someone did that for me, so now I live to do that for others.

Overflow: What kind of art do you like to appreciate?
Sarah: I am the most non-artistic person on the planet. I am creatively challenged and I don't even really ever stop to look at art. BUT this past weekend for the first time I watched someone paint on a blank canvas and when they were done, I was amazed. Watching them create something out of nothing just spoke to me. It was like they were telling a story with each stroke. I was moved to tears as they painted and created this picture. I may not be able to create anything but I sure do get why people appreciate art now. So before this past weekend, I didn't appreciate art much at all, but now I think I will more.

Photographs and E-Newsletter

Photographs from "Think Global, Drink Local" are now available for viewing at www.facebook.com/overflowcoffeebar

The November Overflow Coffee Connections e-newsletter is also available.  Download it at http://www.overflowcoffeebar.org/200911overflowcoffeeconnection.pdf or view it by clicking below.

Think Global, Drink Local: A Recap

This past Thursday (October 29), Overflow Coffee Bar had it's first educational event at the South Loop Wine Cellar.  The event was better than we could have expected!  Thanks to everyone who made it out.  We're already starting to think about the next event...

Here's the night in review:
  • 30 people attended.
  • There were lots of cupcakes, cookies, fruit, and chocolate covered expresso beans.  One of the students there said the cupcakes were the best he's ever had. 
  • Coffee Ambassadors brought some great coffee from Guatemala and Honduras.  A woman said this was the best coffee she's ever had.
  • Tim Taylor spoke about direct trade coffee.  He shared that direct trade is about relationship, excellence and transparency.
  • I (Amanda Neely) spoke about Overflow Coffee Bar's mission and vision for the South Loop: uniting all South Loopers - residents, students and workers - to change the world.
  • There was a great Q & A time and people had some wonderful questions about direct trade coffee and Overflow.
Special thanks to volunteers:
    Eva Neguisse for providing some mood music and
    Matthew Schwerin for taking photographs.  We'll share photographs soon.
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