Watch Documentaries – Purposeful Living Idea 8 of 52

When it comes to being inspired to live life more purposefully, few things really help us get into complex issues the same way documentary films can.  Documentary films tell stories and show us images in ways that news, articles, and the interwebs cannot.  Documentaries connect us to other humans in ways that enable us to empathize with their journeys.  They can be even more inspiring when they present multiple viewpoints some of which we may not share or haven never considered.  Of course, not all documentaries are good.  Some are very one-sided but the best are unusual, persuasive, and present multiple viewpoints of the same issue. 

If you’ve had bad experiences with documentaries in the past, try to find one about a topic that interests you.  Alternatively, watch a documentary with a group of people and plan to have a discussion about the film afterward.  Perhaps you’ll enjoy the discussion more than the actual documentary.  I think that’s okay… the ends justify the means in this case.

I’ll post tomorrow about a chance to see a documentary with lots of personal stories.

Watch documentaries.  Better your life.  Change the world.

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