Shop Informed – Purposeful Living Idea 12 of 52

We want to share a tool we use all the time to inform our purchasing decisions.  It’s called Free 2 Work and it’s a website ( and a smart phone app (Free2Work).

Free2Work provides consumers with information on how products relate to modern-day slavery. Through the site you can learn how your favorite brands are working to address forced and child labor.  You can additionally access in-depth information about industry issues through our industry pages and news feeds, and you can learn more about trafficking and supply chains through our blog posts.
Here are 2 practical things to try:
  1. Think of your favorite brand (clothing, chocolate, electronics, etc.).  Then go to Free 2 Work and learn how the brand relates to trafficking and other labor abuses.  Depending on what you’ve learn, shop with a smile or contact your brand and let them know you’re thinking twice their status as your favorite brand.
  2. The next time you’re at the shoe store or in the candy aisle or planning a weekend of shopping, check out Free 2 Work.  Look at the various brands you’re thinking of purchasing and how they stack up against each other.  Make your informed choices accordingly.
Happy learning and shopping!  Comment and share your results.  What's your favorite brand and how did they stack up?  How has your shopping changed since encountering this tool?

Informed shopping --> improved consumer satisfaction and positive world change.

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