How to get FREE Coffee

In addition to general Overflow Membership (see the last post), we also have extra special memberships that make you coffee FREE!

Coffee-lover Membership
  • Cost: $1,000
  • Benefits:
    • Free Large Coffee Every Day for 1 Year
    • All benefits of general Overflow Membership until 12/31/2016

Overflow Patron 
  • Cost: $10,000
  • Benefits:
    • Free Brewed Coffee for Life!
    • All benefits of general Overflow Membership until 12/31/2018
You can become a Coffee-lover or an Overflow Patron the next time you stop by or by using the buttons to the right on your screen.  

Don't like these options… we're open to suggestions.  Just let us know what you'd like to do to help us "take it to the next level" and continue to brew coffee that not only tastes good but feels good too.

Want to know how we'd use your money?  Check out the last post.
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