Preview of the Bash on Wabash

This Saturday and Sunday is the Bash on Wabash.  Overflow is going to have a booth there.  At our booth we'll be selling t-shirts, tumblers and coffee.  Check out the t-shirt design to the right.  We only ordered a select number of t-shirts and they won't be available until the Bash on Wabash begins.  If you want one, be sure to stop by our booth. 

Check back later this week for a preview of the tumblers and coffee that will be available and a special children's activity that we're still finalizing.

Marathon in Review

The marathon is over... Let's summarize.

I ended up working 54.5 hours during the week with some time I had to stay late.  I've finally recovered physically and emotionally.  But I'm still working on getting caught up with my to-do list.

With all the contributions in, we raise $10,832.32.  That's 72% of our $15,000 goal. This money will go toward the electrical and plumbing work being done within the next month.  Whatever is left over will be put toward purchasing the cabinets and counter top that will make up the coffee bar.

While we didn't raise our full goal and I won't get to shave Brandon's head, he is thinking of getting it cut... Be sure to tell him what you think he should do with it!

If you weren't able to give but wanted to, you can use the chip in to the right or send us a contribution.  Just message us for the address. 

Thanks to all you who gave. We got the full matching gift because of your help!

Day 4, Hours 23 - 31: Flexibility

Today was one of those days where I got a good reminder of just how flexible a coffee shop manager needs to be.  We gotta roll with the punches, just take one thing after the other and get 'er done.  The important thing is that, at the end of the day, we can say we got everything done we needed to get done, kept the customers happy, and maintained our own sanity.  I can definitely say that I got done what needed to be done today and kept the customers happy.  I'm now having some chocolate so as to restore my sanity.  :) Therefore, regardless of how crazy it was, today is marked as a success. 

We're still taking gifts toward this coffee shop marathon.  Check out the website:  If you're thinking of mailing a check, you probably want to get it in the mail by tomorrow to make sure we receive it by Monday (8-9-10).  Thanks in advance for your gift. 

Day 3, hours 16-22

Today I worked from 2-9pm... a.k.a. "the closing shift." The closing shift is nice. Customers are fewer and fartheer between but the interaction is longer b/c neither they or you are in a hurry. Plus, there are lots of routine things to get done so muscle memory kicks in rather than having to think hard.

One fun story from tonight: this older gentleman kept talking about how attractive women's knees are. He kept asking why god made women so attractive that men pine over them. Then he showed me photos of his fiance... a much, much younger woman! Inbetween conversation he used his laptop and sipped his coffee.

I have a day off tomorrow. Another case of the Mondays except mine will be much different than most of yours.

By the way, check out the updates I made to Please consider giving a gift to help Overflow get started. Thanks for considering.

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