Pay Cash at Local Businesses - Purposeful Living Idea 11 of 52

Many people use debit/credit cards for very good reasons.  Credit cards are convenient and good ones give you cash back.  If you lose your cash or your cash gets stolen, you’re out of luck.

What many people don’t realize is that it’s common practice for companies to add enough into the sticker price of the items they sell to cover the costs of their customers using debit/credit cards.  This means that even customers who pay cash pay more for their items.  You, as the customer, pay the higher price.

This means that you can make a difference for your favorite small, local businesses by paying cash when you visit them.  You’ll save the merchant credit card processing fees and that can help make their business flourish.  It could even help them keep their prices down so that their able to better compete with large corporations.

Of course, as a small, local business owner, I’m biased.  But I can vouch for the fact that our business would fail if every customer paid via credit card.  I’m not exaggerating.

Pay cash.  Keep your favorite local shop in business.  Change the world.

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