Recreate! – Purposeful Living Idea 10 of 52

It’s summer so what better topic than recreation?  Perhaps I can help you see the idea of recreation in a fresh way as I recently have myself.

I recently came across the fact that the word “recreate” literally is a combination of “re” and “create.”  This got me to thinking and I’ve come to the realization that true recreation is going to be something that gives me new life, energy, and encouragement.  Recreation should refresh, enliven and re-create me into a better version of myself.   These qualities are what make recreation different from entertainment or socializing (at least for introverts like me).  There’s even this idea of working from rest rather than resting from work… holy Toledo!

For me, what this means practically is that 
  1. Recreation is something I need to help me keep positive and sane.
  2. Recreation could very well look like taking a nap if that’s what I need.
  3. There’s much more for a recovering workaholic like me to learn if I’m going to take care of myself to keep at this world change thing for years to come.

My baby step and one I’d invite you to take as well:  Find 3 times this week to recreate.  Whether it be for 1 hour each or 3 hours each.  Let’s get out and enjoy the summer in Chicago or take a nap, whichever we need most.

Re-create yourself.  Change the world.

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