Consider Faith - Purposeful Living Idea 13 of 52

I have a couple assumptions in writing this post: (1) we are whole persons not divided into parts and (2) in addition to our body, minds, emotions, and relationships, we are defined by our souls or spirits.

If these 2 assumptions are true, then I would venture to guess that when we think about living purposeful lives, we need to think about our spiritual side as part of our whole being.    Thus “Purposeful Living Idea 13” is “Consider faith.”

Personally, I have found great strength from my faith to keep me going in helping others.  It’s like I get filled up through faith experiences so that I either am more content with what I have or I have more to then share more with others.  I can authentically say my faith has saved me from compassion fatigue (pun intended).

Perhaps not everyone experiences faith this way or wouldn’t know where to begin to find a place to experience faith in this way.  Thus, I’m leading a group (along with my husband Brandon) to help people experience faith and its benefits.  You can read more about what this looks like here:  If this seems like something that would interest you, please feel free to pop in one Sunday at 11am down the hall from Overflow Coffee Bar (1550 S. State Street).

In the meantime or if you’re reading this from far away from Chicago, I’d invite you to consider faith.  If you are considering faith for the first time, ask yourself, “How could faith help me live life more purposefully?” If you’re considering faith in a new way, ask yourself, “How is my faith helping me live life more purposefully?”  I’d invite you to share your answers by commenting on this post.  I’d love to hear your stories.

Consider faith.  Improve your life.  Change the world.

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