The Journey Recently...

It's been a long journey already. Here are the most recent developments.

1. We went to Seattle to get away and do the planning for the church plant and non-profit coffee bar that we know we're supposed to start.

2. While we were there a few people gathered at our home to pray for us. They wrote down things that they felt like God was speaking to them to share with us. When we first got back and read them, we didn't really understand them. For one thing, they were all about me (Amanda) and none of them were about Brandon.

3. A few weeks later, I was at a women's retreat and felt like God told me to leave my job. Immediately, I started crying. "This isn't possible,” was all I could think. I retreated into a corner and "pretended" to read my Bible. While doing so, I remembered the words people had written while they were in Seattle and they all made sense.

4. No sooner had I closed my Bible than a woman I had never met before in my life came over with a cup of tea for me and a cup for her. We proceeded to talk for awhile. Before she got up to leave she said, "I don't know what God is doing in your like but I feel like He's already confirmed it." Now I had the confirmation from while we were in Seattle, hearing God speak to me, and a third confirmation from a stranger. I knew something was going on.

5. I talked over the idea with a trusted adviser and Brandon. We decided that this was probably a word from God and I should leave my job. BUT God did not say when so I could wait awhile until it felt like the right time.

6. What else would happen than a few weeks later my company announcing layoffs by the end of May?!? The whole weekend afterward I couldn't stop thinking, "If they lay people off and then I resign a few months later, I'm going to be a horrible person. There are people who need this job to feed their families and I would let them be laid off while I planned to resign a short while later."

7. After some talking with human resources and my boss' boss, we've come to the conclusion that I will resign effective June 30. I submitted my letter of resignation today. They say I did the right thing. I think so too.
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