One thing about starting a business is that my weekends are often crazier than my weekdays.  There's one simple reason for this: I'm dependent on other people's schedules.  Other people are not available on the weekdays but are available on the weekends! 

So, while other people are saying, "Happy Friday!"  I have a reversal of sorts and strangely find myself saying, "Happy Monday!" 

I feel very sympathetic for Brandon who's still at his 9-5.  He doesn't get the "Happy Friday!" or the "Happy Monday!"  If you know him, be sure to send him some extra love sometime.  He works really hard all the time.  He's very much a Marine at heart.  <3


Starting January 4, Brandon and I began a Monday tradition.  After dinner, he and I sit down and have a Rally.  This Rally is kind of like a "staff meeting" and "family meeting" all wrapped up into one.  We didn't like either of these terms though because they seem so corporate, restrictive and down-right serious.  So we thought about it and (being a baseball fan) I thought of calling them a "Rally." 

So far, they've been really helpful.  I prepare a list of topics to discuss.  We always start with comparing calendars and go from there.  Just like a baseball rally, this time gives us a chance to gather our strength after a busy week and stage a comeback/renewal for the week ahead.  We always end the meeting having a to-do list and a plan for the week ahead.  We'll have our fourth one tonight.

If you're having trouble staying organized with your co-workers or family I suggest doing something similar.  Find a time and way of doing things that work for you.  Brandon and I love to talk things through as partners but others might like to have someone just write them a to-do list and not have to talk everything through.  Be adventurous and try everything until you find out what works for you and your colleagues or family or both!

Julie and Julia

I just finished watching Julie and Julia.  I've wanted to watch it for awhile but Brandon never wanted to watch it with me.  Tonight, he's out so it's just me and the cat.  While not the best movie ever (and no one should expect it to be), I'm glad I watched it.  If nothing else, I get the chance to reflect on why I blog and about finding something your passionate about and making something out of it that changes the world (something Julia Child did with her book). 

In 2009, I got into a routine of writing on this blog every Monday (sometimes Tuesday).  I'm going to change things up a little for 2010.  I'm going to try to write more often.  If the purpose of this blog is to catch the story of our "entrepreneurial journey,"  I've only been catching the bits of it that I feel most comfortable with sharing in a businesslike manner.  Moving forward, I hope this blog it much more personal and share more deeply about the things I'm learning, struggling with and dreaming about as we continue on this journey of taking our passions (coffee, justice, social change, Jesus) and making something (Overflow Coffee Bar) that changes the world.

By the way, I'm definitely not looking to make a book or movie out of this blog in the future.  I know I'm not a talented writer or anything.  Just clarifying.

Overflow Coffee Connection January, 2010

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