On Motivation

One thing vital to an entrepreneur is motivation. I've been thinking recently about what motivates me. There are definitely a lot of things but ultimately it comes down to something very simple. During this time of thinking about New Year resolutions and getting motivated to actually do them, I thought it might be helpful to others for me to share what I've been thinking about. Here goes nothing.

Back in September, I heard someone say that he lives his life always remembering, "The world is not yours to save but serve the One whose it is." Just today I found a guy from circa 450 BC who summed things up for me really well. His name was Malachi and he wrote about honoring God like a child would honor her mother or father. He links honor to worship, obediently listening and doing the right thing. In fact, he wrote that those who do not honor God are those who exploit workers, take advantage of widows and orphans and are inhospitable to the homeless.

So, my motivation ultimately boils down to honoring God. It's not a guilt-based kind of thing where I feel guilty if I don't honor Him. Instead, it's a love-based system. God has put a love in my heart (His Spirit) that motivates me to worship, obediently listen and do the right thing. It's this same love that prompts me to get mad and sad in the face of exploitation, profitization, hatred, prejudice and the like. Honoring God is caring about the things He cares about – the poor, the orphan, the widow, the homeless… I would rather spend my life on these people than on myself because I know that will honor the One I love the most.

An Opportunity to Change the World

We're now accepting applications for the Set Up Shop Committee. What does that mean? Here are the details:

Overflow is now seeking individuals to join our Set Up Shop Committee. This committee will work together to brainstorm, plan and problem-solve creative ways for Overflow to become the robust, sustainable organization we were designed to be. This committee will consist of individuals from many different backgrounds and expertise. Most importantly, we promise to make this committee fun and fruitful! No boring, unproductive meetings.

Serving on a non-profit committee is a great way to build your resume, gain work experience you may not be able to gain at your workplace, do something to give back, and make the world a better place. Many of the details for the committee have not been fully developed because we want this committee to be crafted by its members.

If you are interested in joining our Set Up Shop Committee please download the application at: http://www.overflowcoffeebar.org/committeeapplication.pdf. Applications are due January 8, 2010. The purpose of the application is to let us know what you're looking to get out of being a part of the committee. Don't get too stressed out about it or anything. You're not interviewing for a job.

Questions? Contact Brandon Neely at brandon@overflowcoffeebar.org.

Overflow Coffee Bar Wish List

For those of you who might like to give Overflow a gift for Christmas, we've created an Amazon Wish List with some ideas of things we could use right away.  Check it out at http://amzn.com/w/WPX0OXFB5O4P.

Other ideas include:
  • $135 for Amanda to get her State of Illinois Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification.
  • Gift cards to Staples.
  • Purchase some coffee beans from us to give as gifts to others.  Suggested donation is $20 per pound (includes shipping).
  • Give an online donation at http://www.overflowcoffeebar.org/
***Currently donations are not tax exempt. When Overflow Coffee Bar receives its tax exempt status from the IRS, all donations will become tax exempt. The status is retroactive. You can give a donation now and then it will become tax exempt later. Please make checks payable to “Overflow Coffee Bar.”
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