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This past weekend I attended The A Squared Project.  This music festival was hosted by Buy Art Not People and Traffick Free.  In addition, many other groups showed up to support and to participate in the fight against modern-day slavery.  I was there to represent Overflow – giving out free coffee and selling items from our fair trade store.

I was reminded at the event just how much the Chicago-based organizations working to end human trafficking collaborate.  Over and over again, I’ve been inspired by organizations like Buy Art Not People, Traffick Free, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, Dreamcatcher Foundation and the Salvation Army’s Stop-it program.  They are great models of working together toward the same goals.  By collaborating, they combine their reach to spread awareness, to get laws passed, to change perceptions, to create aftercare for survivors, and more! 

I got to thinking, “Why do it alone when you can do it even better with others?!?”  Whatever “it” is for you, ask yourself, “What collaborative opportunities am I missing?  How could collaboration increase the impact of my efforts and build someone else’s work too?”  Especially if your “it” involves solving a complex community problem, you might not be able to do your “it” unless you collaborate.

Collaborate.  Better your life.  Save the world.


  1. Love this! Fun to see you for a little bit at the festival : )

  2. Fun to see you too. Don't be a stranger and use that coupon I gave you.


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