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Last night we hosted a film screening of Within Reach with the Alliance for a Greener South Loop.  We chose this film in part because Monday was Earth Day and we wanted to show a film about how people are caring for the planet.  The film gave hope to those of us in attendance – both for those who lean toward sustainability and for those who lean toward community.

There were a few statements made in the film that jumped out to me in particularly.  To paraphrase:

  • Americans have HALF as many close friends today as we did 50 years ago.
  • Americans eat meals with friends HALF as often as we did 50 years ago.
  • When you choose a problem, choose a BIG one.
  • Living in relationship with others is in itself better for the environment than living in isolation.

Which leads me to something I’d like to do to live more purposefully, and perhaps might inspire you to do as well.  I’d love to share more meals with friends.  I’d like to cook for them or have them cook for me.  Then we could sit around a table and share our food and our souls.   There’s the practical aspect that we’re only using 1 stove, 1 light source, 1 heating/cooling source, and other planet-friendly things.  But there’s also the potential for more happiness in our lives.

What comes to mind for you when you think about “sustainable community?”

Share meals.  Better your life.  Change the world.

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  1. Recently we have been hosting weekly potlucks on Sunday through vineyard South Loop ( I have loved it. Anyone is free to join us. Last time we had a crazy assortment of food. I love Getting to try other people's food and hanging out with friends and people I don't even know.

    As we have served customers at the shop we met a few customers who spend their days working here at the shop. They of course are not working behind the bar but working together in the lobby. So I asked what do they do. They said they are starting a meal sharing website. A site similar to couch surfing but the difference is you sign up online and go to someone's house to have a meal. If you are interested check it out here.

    I think people are longing to connect over food and drink but the fear is getting close or not knowing how to cook. How do we resolve this? maybe the answer is hosting events like we do or signing up for sites like


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