A Story of a Lady Who Is Embodying Overflow's Mission

If you've been around us or at Overflow in the past 18 months, and especially the last 6, you might recognize this lady. 

This woman's name is Mary Ayres.  She is Amanda's mom.  She's had a rough journey over the past 3 years.  She retired 3½ years ago.  Then, in February 2012 (shortly before Overflow's 1st birthday), she had a stroke that has left her with aphasia, an acquired language disorder caused by damage to the brain, in her case the stroke. Aphasia makes Mary have extreme difficulty remembering words and she has lost most of her ability to speak, read, and write.  She is still very intelligent but has issues with communicating - both sharing her thoughts and understanding what others are trying to share. 

Due to Mary's stroke, she and Virgil, Amanda's dad, moved to Chicago in August 2013.  They made the move so that Amanda could pay their bills, file their taxes, communicate with their doctors, and an increasing number of things they couldn't do for themselves as they got older.

Then the unexpected happened.  In June of last year (2014), Mary lost her husband of 34 years.  Now we are totally responsible for caring for Mary for the 20 plus years of life she has left to enjoy.  And how, you ask, are we helping her get the most out of life when she is disabled by aphasia???

This is where Overflow and Mary intersect!  Instead of staying home alone doing practically nothing while we work long hours, Mary spends 4 days a week at Overflow (that leaves 2 days to be home alone, and 1 family day where none of us work).

Since Mary is hanging out, she has started to build relationships with some of Overflow's customers. 
  • On Monday mornings, a group of women about the same age as her have invited her to be part of their women's group.  She can't say much but she really likes to feel included and involved in their lives.  
  • On Thursdays, a group of parents from the school in our building have invited Mary to join their prayer group.  They pray together for the kids, teachers, staff, parents, and anything else that comes to mind.  
  • On Saturdays, Mary also joined a Zumba class and helps greet the women as they arrive.  They all love to see her smiling face at 8am on a Saturday morning.  They've started to call her the Zumba mascot.  
When she first moved to Chicago, we were the only people she knew.  Now she has a community of people and her need to feel like she belongs is met. Moreover, she helps meet other people's need to belong.  She's embodying Overflow's practice of community building!

But wait, there's more...
Mary loves chocolate and tea.  If she could, that's all she'd eat and drink.  But, as we've shared with her about child labor in the chocolate industry (we dare you to Google "child labor and chocolate" and see what you discover), she's reduced how much chocolate she eats.  She understands that children should be in school, not in the cocoa field working from sun-up to sundown.  So she's more careful in her chocolate consumption.  Plus, she's started to consume fair trade tea as a way to make sure tea growers receive a fair wage.  We can't get her to drink coffee (yet) but she's definitely thinking more and more about the stories behind the things she buys.  She's embodying Overflow's practice of ethical economics!

This is just one story of one person and the impact we have as a community.  It just happens to be the one closest to us.  We see what's happening with Mary and we think, "Yes!  We really are changing the world one life at a time."

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Top 10 Things For Which Overflow is Thankful in 2014

10. Our location.  Many aren't aware but behind-the-scenes there's been a renewed sense of working together with a few of our neighbors at 1550 S. State.  One example is that we're now providing lunches for some students at Daystar School.  The kids get healthy lunches and we get some increased revenue.

9. Our neighborhood.  The South Loop continues to grow and nurture more and more businesses, which means more residents stay in the area and others come to the neighborhood.  We're excited to see where the future takes all of us.

8. Our roaster.  Ipsento continues to do a great job and roast quality tasting and ethical coffee.  We love to drink it and are proud to serve it to you!

7. Our baker.  Delightful Pastries keeps delivering excellent and ethical pastries.  We love to eat the non-GMO wheat, real butter, easy sugar, and locally-grown ingredients.  We might love it too much.

6. Cash.  We're thankful when people use it to pay instead of plastic.

5. Our neighbor local, small businesses.  There are too many to name but they give us places to go and "Eat, Drink, Buy Local!"

4. Our partners.  We love the Greater South Loop Association and the Daystar Center and the added value they bring to Overflow!

3.Our team of baristas.  "Teamwork makes the dreamwork."  We're thankful for Justin, Mark, Dan, Caleb, David, and Dustin.*

2. Our customers.  YOU are the life breath of Overflow.  We wouldn't exist without YOU!

1. The magic that happens when customers, baristas, and our partners all work together, embracing their diversity and their similarities, to change the world one cup at a time.  Let's call that magic "True Community."

*If you know any females with barista experience, we love to have more ladies on the team.  ;-)

This Month at Overflow! 5.2014

Presented by Overflow

27 - Buyer Be Fair Documentary Film Screening & Discussion @ 7pm - More info here.

Presented by Daystar Center

10 - Chicago Solo Theatre @ 7:30pm - More info here.

13 - Chicago Film Club screens Hitchcock's Rebecca @ 6:30pm - More info here.

15 & 17 - Jazz Vocalist (& South Loop Resident) Sabina & Visual Artists Jeremy & Jordan @ 7pm - More info here.

Other Community Activities

12 - South Loop Toastmasters Meeting @ 6:15pm - More info here.

17 - Greater South Loop Association Community Meeting @ 9am - More info here.

See and Hear Barista Mark Perform

We all know how baristas are often artists who count on their barista work for stable income while they pursue their art endeavors.  It just so happens that one of your favorite Overflow baristas is a guitarist with exceptional skill and resume.  Here's a run down:

Mark Anderson (Chicago native, Code name: "RogerTango")

  • Masters in Classical Guitar Performance at San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  • Adjunct Professor of Guitar at Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Guitar Instructor at The Academy of Movement and Music in Oak Park
  • Performed the U.S. premier of “Rising Spirals” by award winning composer Chinary Ung

In his cover letter to apply at Overflow, Mark wrote,
"As a musician, I have learned to appreciate the full aesthetic of everything I engage in. Coffee is not a drink, it is an experience that I can create and share with a customer."  

You can see why we hired him.  Now, as part of the Daystar Center concert series, come see and hear him perform along with Necati Emirzade.  Together, they make Duo Tandem.  In addition, Zach Lehner will be displaying art before/after and creating live art during the performance.

Here are the details:

Thursday, April 17 and Saturday, April 19 (same show both dates)
7:00pm - two 45 minute sets with an intermission
General Admission: $20, includes gourmet appetizers
Bring your own beer or wine or purchase a beverage from Overflow.
Advance tickets are encouraged.  You can get them here.

Still not convinced to come???  Hear some samples of their work here.

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