One Small Business' Take on a Big Business Moving In

A big topic of conversation lately has been the opening of a big grocery store on 16th and Clark, just a block away from us.  This grocery store contains a coffee bar complete with a wide variety of lunch items.  Lots are speculating about whether this new addition will increase business for Overflow due to increased foot and vehicle traffic in the area.  Alternatively, they could been seen as a competitor who could take away from our business.  I thought I'd share what we know for sure.
  • Overflow is local.  We made it our mission from before we opened to be embedded deeply in this neighborhood.  I think we've done a good job of that.  Ask yourself, "Would my South Loop neighbors and I miss Overflow if it was gone?"  If you answered "yes" then we've succeeded already!
  • Overflow is locked into changing the world.  When we make decisions like choosing where we source our products, we choose what's best for the planet and those who live here, not always the cheapest option.  We're committed to making wise choices.  Plus, we're getting close to making a profit.  Once we make that profit, we are required to invest it in nonprofit work.  We've already done some of that since it's the right thing to do but there's much, much more to come!
We hope these two facts along with having a space you can work, study, or play from for hours on end and our commitment to great customer service will mean our business succeeds no matter who moves in around us.  In fact, we hope the South Loop continues to attract new businesses.  As a good friend likes to say, in the South Loop "may all boats rise."
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