this is me...

This is me processing my deepest thoughts, as inspired by the Re:Form Conference last week:

Fundamentally, I've always believed changing the world is possible.  I've just been on a search for how.  Last week I encountered people who lived by the following truths.

"The world is not yours to save but serve the One whose it is."

"Approach the world more like Chinese Checkers than dominos."  - All the pieces are moving at once toward winning the game.  In other words, "scratch everywhere it itches."

"Respond.  Don't just react."

"Pioneers are often asking, 'where are all the people?'  Settlers are waiting to see if the pioneers survive."

Overflow is an effort to address the world's issues by creating a community of people in the South Loop who join together to actively seek to solve the world's issues by a holistic approach.  We're not just focusing on one or two issues because the issues are connected with one another.  For example, a coffee farmer personally experiences the injustice of slavery and often is connected with issues of education, health, environment and political corruption.  South Loopers also face these same things right in our own backyard.

Just as we must approach the issues holistically, we must also join together as a community in order to have a greater impact.  I'm sick of organizations replicating each others' efforts.  We need to integrate and partner.  We need to lay aside our own agendas and seek the greater good as one voice and one heart.

Aristotle was the one who laid it down, "The whole is more than the sum of its parts."  My generation (Millennials) define ourselves in terms of concentric circles.  Perhaps the holistic approach is a key to engaging and committing my generation to a mission bigger than ourselves. 

Now to put these thoughts into action and see what happens... Stay tuned. 

Go out and change the world.

Naming Our Educational Events

In October we are going to be starting educational events. These events will include: (1) a presentation about direct trade, environment, art and/or volunteerism with practical tips for living a more purposeful life, (2) coffee and desserts, (3) information about Overflow Coffee Bar and how we do the stuff talked about in the presentation, (4) networking, etc.

We need a catchy name for these events. Submit your ideas and we'll choose the one we like to most. Winner gets free admission to the October educational event for you and your guest. Submission Deadline: September 30.
Submissions can be made via the dicussions tab of our facebook page(, by facebook message or by email.

Bash on Wabash

This weekend the Greater South Loop Association (GSLA) put on the "Bash on Wabash" quite literally on our front doorstep.  We volunteered on Saturday evening by preparing corn on the cob dipped in butter for purchase.  The money from the purchase of the corn went to support GSLA.  We also got to enjoy the festivities with our good friends Phillipe, Karyn and Lucy. 

The best thing about the Bash was who we got to meet.  We made sure we went up to the Alderman and introduced ourselves.  He'd love to meet with us to talk further.  We met some of the GSLA people.  The people we volunteered with were great.  Two (CJ and Mike) worked for non-profits and the other (Steve) writes 2 blogs - one called "South Loop Connection" and the other about classic movies

The Bash has inspired us to create some links to other South Loop groups.  Check out the links on the right-hand side and learn more about what's going on in the community.  If you know of any other links we should include, please let us know.

Overflow Coffee Connections, September 2009

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