Thinking about Charity – Purposeful Living Idea 5 of 52

Watch this video:

Dan Pallotta advocates, “Let's change the way we think about changing the world.”  When choosing a charity to give to or volunteer for, how do you choose?  Did Dan convince you to rethink any of your current charities?  If so, how?  On a different level, how do you think about changing the world?  Did Dan convince you to change the way you think?  If so, how?  Were any ideas sparked?

Think differently.  Better your life.  Change the world.

Sustainable Community – Purposeful Living Idea 4 of 52

Last night we hosted a film screening of Within Reach with the Alliance for a Greener South Loop.  We chose this film in part because Monday was Earth Day and we wanted to show a film about how people are caring for the planet.  The film gave hope to those of us in attendance – both for those who lean toward sustainability and for those who lean toward community.

There were a few statements made in the film that jumped out to me in particularly.  To paraphrase:

  • Americans have HALF as many close friends today as we did 50 years ago.
  • Americans eat meals with friends HALF as often as we did 50 years ago.
  • When you choose a problem, choose a BIG one.
  • Living in relationship with others is in itself better for the environment than living in isolation.

Which leads me to something I’d like to do to live more purposefully, and perhaps might inspire you to do as well.  I’d love to share more meals with friends.  I’d like to cook for them or have them cook for me.  Then we could sit around a table and share our food and our souls.   There’s the practical aspect that we’re only using 1 stove, 1 light source, 1 heating/cooling source, and other planet-friendly things.  But there’s also the potential for more happiness in our lives.

What comes to mind for you when you think about “sustainable community?”

Share meals.  Better your life.  Change the world.

Celebrate Earth Day @ Overflow!

Within Reach Film Screening

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 7:00 pm

in partnership with the Alliance for a Greener South Loop.  

About the Film
Mandy and Ryan have given up their corporate jobs and their traditional houses to "bike-pack" thousands of miles around the USA, looking around as they look within.
Their journey and their film has answered the question that they and many others are asking: Is it possible for all of us to live in a sustainable way? After circling the country, and talking with over 20,000 people they have found that not only is it possible but its already underway...
The Alliance for a Greener South Loop is works to make the South Loop a greener place to live, work, and play. South Loop individuals, businesses, buildings, institutions, and city agencies work together so that we all “tread more lightly.”
Transit/Parking - While we encourage the use of public transit (Red Line, #29, #62 and other buses are close), limited parking is available in the rear of the building on a first come first served basis. Bring $3 for your spot. No one will be in the lot to take it. You can pay at the ticket check-in table.
A great reason to RSVP above: We'll put all the pre-registration names in a hat and draw a special prize for 1 lucky RSVPer. You must pre-register and be present at the film to win.

Yes, we know this is the day after Earth Day.  Better late than never.  :)

Collaborate - Purposeful Living Idea 3 of 52

This past weekend I attended The A Squared Project.  This music festival was hosted by Buy Art Not People and Traffick Free.  In addition, many other groups showed up to support and to participate in the fight against modern-day slavery.  I was there to represent Overflow – giving out free coffee and selling items from our fair trade store.

I was reminded at the event just how much the Chicago-based organizations working to end human trafficking collaborate.  Over and over again, I’ve been inspired by organizations like Buy Art Not People, Traffick Free, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, Dreamcatcher Foundation and the Salvation Army’s Stop-it program.  They are great models of working together toward the same goals.  By collaborating, they combine their reach to spread awareness, to get laws passed, to change perceptions, to create aftercare for survivors, and more! 

I got to thinking, “Why do it alone when you can do it even better with others?!?”  Whatever “it” is for you, ask yourself, “What collaborative opportunities am I missing?  How could collaboration increase the impact of my efforts and build someone else’s work too?”  Especially if your “it” involves solving a complex community problem, you might not be able to do your “it” unless you collaborate.

Collaborate.  Better your life.  Save the world.

This Month at Overflow!

Here are some events we're hosting this month.  Hope you can attend to build community, to appreciate art, and to find ways to change the world.
Other events in our building:

Focus - Purposeful Living Idea 2 of 52

This is the second post is a yearlong series about one of Overflow’s core values - Purposeful Living.

One of the biggest enemies of purposeful living is distraction.  We can get distracted by lots of things – even good things.  The idea behind focus is that when you find a passion keep at it relentlessly. 

For example, if you really love doing things that help save the planet (recycling, composting, etc.), then become the best you can at environmental sustainability.  When someone tries to distract you with saving cute puppies, ask yourself, “How can I help the cute puppies and be sustainable?”  Use your creativity to do your passion and still help others’ passions.  If you can’t figure out a way to do both, feel okay with declining on helping the cute puppies.

One of my biggest passions is helping nonprofits accomplish their missions, instead of sacrificing their missions due to fundraising.  My husband has always dreamed of starting a neighborhood coffee shop.  We put our heads together and thought creatively to merge our passions.  Overflow is the result of these passions.  We get to join in with other causes as they intersect with our own. 

You can’t do everything but you can do something.  
Better your life.  Save the world.

Be Ad-Free - Purposeful Living Idea 1 of 52

This is the first post is a yearlong series about one of Overflow’s core values - Purposeful Living.

Take some time to be ad-free.  Escape from all advertising (TV, magazines, facebook, phone aps, billboards) and just breathe.  Try to use this time to connect with your true identity - not what you do or what you buy but who you are.  Make a point to find some ad-free space for yourself on a regular basis (daily if possible, but weekly or monthly would be great too).  Comment and share what this experience is like for you.

You'll notice that you no longer see ads here on this blog.  We're being ad free as well!

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