Meet Our Staff: Justin Bo.

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Justin Bo. "The Pirate"
1. Where were you born?
Sacramento, California

2. What is the top value that shapes your life?
The Kingdom of God is becoming my ultimate value.

3. What's your main passion?
I get really passionate about seeing people go from hopelessness to excitement by being reminded of hope, truth, and beauty.

4. Who is your role model?
My parents, Bobby Morrison, Linda Baley, and Randy Flemming.

5. Tell us 1 thing you must do before you die.
Make a successful feature film.

6. What's your favorite drink or food at Overflow?
A latte because the espresso is really good.

7. What do you like most about Chicago?
The summer.

8. Tell us 1 random thing you'd like people to know about you.
My birth was broadcast on cable television.

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