I love South Loop TShirts!

Do you <3 the South Loop?  Show your neighborhood pride!

We have tan, light blue and white for adults (sizes S to 2XL). Plus, we have tan, light blue and light pink in kids sizes (sizes XS to L).  Stop by to check them out and pick one up for you and/or your child.  

A couple facts about these shirts

These shirts are made by Hanes.  On the Free 2 Work  website, Hanes gets an A- rating in terms of being slave labor free. Plus, they are made with up to 5% polyester created from recycled plastic bottles (Hanes calls this EcoSmart,)  We are not getting paid by Hanes to tell you this.  We just wanted to let you know where these shirts come from and why we chose them instead of some other brands.

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