Overflow and You Team Up to Help Girls in Guatemala Go To School

It may seem counter intuitive that my last post was about "Money Discouragement" and in this post you'll learn about how we're giving money away but I live by the premise that our best things are meant to be given away (ex: if you want to feel loved, love someone else).  So here's what we're doing:

For every pound of coffee ordered through our website from now until April 30th, Overflow will give $2 to Seeds of Help Foundation. Currently, Seeds of Help Foundation needs donations to help Guatemalan girls go through 7th, 8th and 9th grades. These girls’ parents can no longer afford to send them to school. Your support will keep them in school and learning skills to support themselves and their families. Two girls are planning to be teachers. These girls are in the same area of Guatemala that Overflow’s Guatemalan coffee comes from! Go to http://www.overflowcoffeebar.org/shop.html to place your order.

According to Seeds of Help, Guatemalan children generally get school provided for them for the first 6 years by the government. If the child wants to continue, the family must pay for a middle school (like our junior/high school). Then past those three years, if the child wants to get a degree in a trade like shoe making, mechanical work, construction, nursing, teaching, they go for another 3 years (like our college/trade schools here) which again the family must pay for.

Most families in the rural area of Huehuetenango, Guatemala have 6+ children so they can hardly afford to feed their families much less pay to send their children to school. Women in Guatemala have an exceptionally hard time continuing their education as they are perceived as the care takers and often marry young and have to care for their families.

For more information about Seeds of Help Foundation, visit http://www.seedsofhelp.org/.

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