Breaking News... Location, Location, Location

This past Saturday we announced some very exciting news at the Going Green with Overflow event.  In case you missed the event, here's the news:

Last week, a potential location approached Overflow asking us if we would consider using their space to set up our coffee house.  Many of the details cannot be released because the location is also in negotiations with potential neighboring organizations.  What I can tell you is this:

(a) I am taking Overflow's board and Set Up Shop committee members to see the location on April 3rd and weigh in with their thoughts and ideas. 

(b) This location is asking us to be ready for business by September, 2010.  Our plan has been to open by August, 2011 so this would be mean...

(c) If we want this location, we need to have the money to Set Up Shop a lot more quickly than anticipated. 

If you'd like to see Overflow Coffee Bar open by September, 2010, please click "ChipIn!" to the right on this page or visit and buy something from our shop.  Help us be ready to take advantage of this space!  We'd love your support!

We'll keep you posted of developments as they occur... Keep checking back!

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