Stand Your Ground, Alter Your Course

Everyone faces difficulties - not getting hired for a job, even though you've gone through hundreds of interviews - not getting a gig, even though you've gone through hundreds of auditions - not getting enough startup funding even though you've asked hundred of people...

But you finally get the job, land a gig or get startup funding by NEVER BACKING DOWN and sometimes CHANGING YOUR APPROACH until you find what works.

THUS, WE'RE NOT BACKING DOWN but are CHANGING OUR APPROACH.  So far Brandon and I have been focused on "crowdfunding" (getting a huge amount of people to give lots of small gifts) and we've raised a small amount of money.  Now, we're going to be focused on larger amounts from fewer sources...

We've like to find people/groups who could give MICROLOANS OF $10,000 plus.  We'd pay an interest rate higher than a savings account but below commercial loan market rate. 

Do you know anyone who would be interested in seeing Overflow happen soon and could give a loan to make it happen?  Do you know anyone who works with a group (foundation, corporation, non-profit) who might be interested in pursuing how we could partner?  Please connect us with them!

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