Running a Marathon!

Okay, that's figurative. Literally speaking, I'm managing a coffee shop while the owner is away... but to me, it's like running a marathon. Just like a marathon runner, I've been training and preparing for the day when I'll be put to the ultimate test. I'm going to be stretching and pushing myself to endure beyond anything I've done before. This coffee shop marathon will show me my greatest strengths and weaknesses as I prepare for the day when Overflow opens its doors. All my training comes down to this. I plan to prove myself capable and emerge victorious!

This marathon comes at great timing too. Construction on the Daystar Center in scheduled to begin in July. Overflow has the opportunity to tag-on our electric and plumbing requirements with the construction that's already taking place. This will save lots of money and time in the long run. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by my birthday August 9 (or 8/9/10!!!) to put toward the installation of the electric and plumbing required for running Overflow properly.

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