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Progress on Our Space at 1550 S. State Street

This past week, I (Amanda) sat down with the building maintenance person for 1550 S. State Street and completed some preliminary drawings of our kitchen and bar area. One purpose for these drawings is for an architect to use them and determine how to fit the space properly with electric and plumbing.

Once the architect is done with the drawings we will find out the closest to exact amount of money we will need for the plumbing and electrical construction that needs to take place. Currently we are estimating the construction work could be up to $15,000.

Amanda Runs a Marathon!

Okay, that's figurative. Literally speaking, I'm managing a coffee shop while the owner is away... but to me, it's like running a marathon. Just like a marathon runner, I've been training and preparing for the day when I'll be put to the ultimate test. I'm going to be stretching and pushing myself to endure beyond anything I've done before. This coffee shop marathon will show me my greatest strengths and weaknesses as I prepare for the day when Overflow opens its doors. All my training comes down to this. I plan to prove myself capable and emerge victorious!

Our goal is to raise $15,000 by my birthday August 9 (or 8/9/10!!!) to put toward the installation of the electric and plumbing required for running Overflow properly. Here are 3 reasons to give now:

1.Save costs in the long-term by piggy-backing on construction already taking place.

2.Overflow will put your gift to work and will be able to give more to nonprofits in the long-term. While your gift is not tax-deductible, your gift will make greater impacts on nonprofit work overtime.

3.The more we get the sooner we can open Overflow and have a place where South Loop residents, students and workers can drink, eat, work, study and play!


Updates to Our Online Shop

We recently updated our online shop at We updated our pricing so that coffee, shipping and taxes are all calculated separately. We hope this will be more clear to those who purchase coffee on our website.

If you would like to purchase coffee for pick-up in the South Loop or would like information about bulk ordering, please reply to this email for details.

Our New Ugandan Coffee

We recently started offering a Ugandan coffee. Here's some information behind the coffee.

This coffee comes from the Kapchorwa region of Uganda, home to the Sebei people. The coffee is grown on the side of Mt. Elgon using truly small-scale farming AND small-scale processing. The coffee is grown on small family-owned plots of land, and processed in small batches via hand-powered pulpers and small washing/fermentation bins in farmers' backyards. Kapchorwa coffee is quickly emerging as one of the Uganda's most sought after high-altitude growing regions.

The Uganda Kapchorwa was locally imported by Crop to Cup and is locally-roasted by Coffee Ambassadors. It is a light to medium roast with a full, lingering body and well-rounded acidity. Floral notes combine with a sweet dark chocolate finish.

A portion of the profits from this coffee supports Invisible Children, an organization advocating for children affected by war in east Africa.

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