The Stories Behind Our Coffees.

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Every bag of coffee has a story behind it. The stories behind our coffees are ones we can all be proud of. You participate in these stories when you purchase our coffees.

This medium roast is grown by third-generation coffee farmer Diego Martin. Diego's father, Carlos, was an expert in coffee. Carlos and another of his sons were stopped one day on the road back to the farm, robbed, and then shot and killed. Soon after, our supplier was in Guatemala spending time with the family, bringing gifts for the children and watching them laugh and play even amidst such tragedy.

When you purchase the Guatemalan coffee, you join us in continuing to honor Carlos, Diego, and their families. The past two years, they have received $1.72 per pound of green (unroasted) coffee beans. This price is well above the Fair Trade premium of $1.26. Plus, the money is put directly into Diego's hands. This relationship goes beyond business and ensures excellence in their crop and your cup.

This light roast is grown on a fairly new farm, Rancho Ebenezer. Rancho Ebenezer was started in 2001 as a family-style home and school for orphans and disadvantaged children from Honduras' cities to start fresh. In Honduras, coffee represents a second chance at life and also a huge part of their country's culture. Rancho is also essential to the development of the surrounding area as it provides jobs for local workers. The quality of the beans has grown alongside the children; each crop is better than the last

When you purchase the Honduran coffee, you join us in providing a safe home for children and employment for Hondurans. On a deeper level, your purchase helps to break cycles of poverty and crime.

Decaf Tanzanian
This dark roast decaf is grown by 2,500 subsistence farmers who operate in a cooperative. The men and women who bring their crops to the co-op typically own 1-3 acres and care for 300-900 coffee trees. Some of the farmers are 20 years old, some are 80. A local school teacher said she loves the co-op, "Because my kids are coming back to school." Farmers are currently paid $2.20 per pound, enough that they can again afford school fees for their children. This premium also allows for increased access and pay for health care and additional support for local farm village markets and merchants.

When you purchase this Tanzanian coffee, you join us in changing this region in Tanzania. Already, other coffee buyers in the region are increasing their prices to compete with the fair and just prices of the co-op.

Espresso Blend
This balanced espresso blend is a combination of the Guatemalan and Honduran coffees. When you purchase espresso, you join with both.

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