The Future of This Blog

Along with celebrating 2 years since our doors opened, we're taking this anniversary as an opportunity to evaluate what we're doing and how we can do it better.  This blog is 1 of the things on our evaluation list.  

We started this blog to record our entrepreneurial journey as we create Overflow Coffee Bar.  In January 2010, I wrote that I want this blog to be "much more personal." I said I wanted to "share more deeply about the things I'm learning, struggling with and dreaming about as we continue on this journey of taking our passions (coffee, justice, social change, Jesus) and making something (Overflow Coffee Bar) that changes the world." 

Since then, Overflow has opened it's doors and this blog has become much more about promoting our activities.  I never intended for this change to happen.  As we were overwhelmed with running the day-to-day operations, lots of things fell through the cracks and got changed from our intentions.  

While I still want to use this blog to keep others informed of what's happening at 1550 S. State Street, I also want to get back to recording our journey and sharing more deeply.  Along those lines, check back Monday for a new series of blog posts highlighting our value of Purposeful Living.

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