Film Screening Review

On Tuesday, February 19 we screened The United States of ALEC in partnership with Common Cause.   Some students from Roosevelt University were in the audience.  They are taking classes related to social entrepreneurship and are getting hands-on experience here at Overflow.  Here's what a few had to say about the screening...
"The United States of ALEC Film Screening really motivated me to get informed! It is mind-blowing how many things are going on behind closed doors in our government, at the expense of our livelihood. I began to see why Benjamin and Brian, from Common Cause, are so passionate about their movement. It is imperative that we restore our democracy! I am going to do my part by voting next week!" - Erika M.
"After watching The United States of ALEC, I have a better grasp of what ALEC is and how it affects all of us. I hope to stay in touch with Common Cause and help create awareness to stop ALEC from privatizing everything." -Felix E.
"I really enjoyed the movie. The room had really good acoustics and the view was good. You guys organized the event really well." -Daniel P.
The next film we're screening is Danny from North Korea on March 19.  This film is perfect for those who love an inspiration story.  It's also great for those interested in media and world change.  More info is here.

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