Music and More!

We are very excited about these two events coming up this month.  Both are being hosted in partnership with the Daystar Center.

First, Show and Tell on Saturday, September 17.

6:00-6:45 - Sign up for slot in the Show and Tell.
7:00 - Show and Tell starts.
Show and Tell is kind of like an open-mic night but with opportunities for more artists than just musicians. Here are the simple ground rules:
  • Each person makes a presentation, five minutes or less.
  • Each presentation is followed by an opportunity to receive encouraging feedback, and constructive feedback if you so desire.
  • Original music, poetry, paintings, photography, comedy, theatre (very short plays or excerpts, please), dance, video - or whatever else you do!
Then, our first ever Ethos: Concert with a Cause on Saturday, September 24
Traffick Free
Mathien (playing at 8pm)
Fine Tuning (playing at 7pm)

Tickets: $15 in advance,
$20 at the door - $5 goes to Traffick Free, $5 goes to the musicians.  Childcare available!

"Ethos" is a series of monthly benefit concerts entitled “Ethos” from the Greek word meaning the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs, or practices of a group or society. The purpose of “Ethos” is to help develop an underlying sentiment of global citizenship in the South Loop and beyond. Each month:

  • Attendees will be entertained by local artists and their musical, theatrical and visual art. 
  • Attendees will be educated about a cause.
  • Part of the money raised from ticket purchases will be (a) given to a particular nonprofit connected with the cause highlighted that month and (b) given to the artists showing that evening to support their world-changing work. 
During Ethos and Show and Tell, Overflow will be open for business for those who attend the concert.

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