On Fundraising

Fundraising... it's difficult for those who have to raise funds... it's also hard on those who are always asked to give.  A necessary evil perhaps?  I thought it would be good to review why Overflow Coffee Bar is raising funds.

1. Bank loans hard to come by, especially for people like us who do not own a home.  Without fundraising, Overflow would never be able to open simply because bank loans aren't plausible for us.  (Private loans on the other hand are more likely, if you'd be interested in doing one, please let us know.)

2. At many businesses, loan interests are often passed on to customers through an increase in prices.  We want to avoid this and keep our prices as low as possible.  Your gift to Overflow helps us keep our prices low when we open!

3. Fundraising is also a good way to test the ideas behind our business.  While fundraising, we talk with people who have great feedback about our ideas and ideas of their own.  Through implementing the feedback and new ideas, Overflow becomes better.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I want to make sure people understand that our fundraising is a ONE-TIME OCCURRENCE.  Once the doors of Overflow open, fundraising to support Overflow will cease.  Instead, we will be able to support nonprofit work with the profits we make from selling food and drink.  In other words, we multiply your gift to Overflow and support many nonprofits over many years.


  1. Fundraising has become a negative in many people's minds, due to many reasons.

    The first is that we don't like to acknowledge that all we have actually belongs to God and we are stewards who will have to give account of our stewardship.

    The second is that we live in a self centered, privatized culture where my needs come before your needs...indeed, my wants come before your needs.

    The third is that we are taught not to trust anyone...especially those who have needs and are bold enough to bring those needs to our attention.

    The fourth is that fundraising is visible dependence on God and others in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable.

    How do we swim upstream against these and many other false assumptions made about us?

  2. Roger, great points. I keep telling myself that I can't change people and shouldn't try to. I can only love people and hold on to the dreams God has put inside me. If He wants them to be done then they are certain and will happen in His time and His way. I just have to keep being vulnerable, keep asking, and keep hope and faith alive.

    Interesting enough, a good portion of our support has come from people who I'm not certain of their faith or know they are not active "Christians." Maybe "they" get it more than "us." Thoughts to ponder.



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