Clean & Green

Twice a year our Alderman does a Clean and Green in the South Loop.  There have been 3 since we've moved here.  We love these events and wish we could inspire more people to volunteer to clean and green our neighborhood.

The first one, Brandon and I went to and had a great time.  Afterward, we thought, "We'd love to do this again and bring others with us!" 

The second one, only Brandon could go because I had to work.

The third one was this past Saturday.  Brandon and I went and got 7 other people to go as well.  We got to clean & green an area in Bronzeville.  Plus, we also got to meet some neighbors and share about Overflow.

The next one is in the Spring so we're hoping we can get even more people to volunteer.  Overflow should be open by then so we should be able to multiply 7 several times over.  :)

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