Starting January 4, Brandon and I began a Monday tradition.  After dinner, he and I sit down and have a Rally.  This Rally is kind of like a "staff meeting" and "family meeting" all wrapped up into one.  We didn't like either of these terms though because they seem so corporate, restrictive and down-right serious.  So we thought about it and (being a baseball fan) I thought of calling them a "Rally." 

So far, they've been really helpful.  I prepare a list of topics to discuss.  We always start with comparing calendars and go from there.  Just like a baseball rally, this time gives us a chance to gather our strength after a busy week and stage a comeback/renewal for the week ahead.  We always end the meeting having a to-do list and a plan for the week ahead.  We'll have our fourth one tonight.

If you're having trouble staying organized with your co-workers or family I suggest doing something similar.  Find a time and way of doing things that work for you.  Brandon and I love to talk things through as partners but others might like to have someone just write them a to-do list and not have to talk everything through.  Be adventurous and try everything until you find out what works for you and your colleagues or family or both!

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