This Month at Overflow 1.2014

Craft Kickoff with Traffick Free - Jan 11 @ 2:00pm - kickoff National Human Trafficking Awareness Month with a craft and hot cocoa!

Chicago Solo Theatre "Solo Saturdays" - Jan 11 @ 7:30pm - laugh till you cry with this part stand-up, part storytelling, part monologue, all truth!

The Awful Truth Classic Film Club Screening and Discussion - Jan 14 @ 6:30pm - an absolute gem

Greater South Loop Association Community Updates - Jan25 9:00am - find out what's up in the neighborhood

Camp Kupugani Fest - Jan 25 @ 4:00pm - learn about a cool place for your kid to visit this summer

The Wisdom to Survive Documentary Screening and Discussion - Jan 28 @ 7:00pm - learn about and discuss climate change, capitalism, and community

Did you know?

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Our friends at Traffick Free are hosting a month long series of events.

Labor trafficking is one of the forms of human trafficking and something we're pretty passionate about.  Direct and fair trade are two of the efforts to end labor trafficking and the exploitation of workers, adult and child around the world.  That's why we use direct trade and fair trade products as much as possible.

How can you celebrate this month?
  • Consider going to Traffick Free's Craft Kickoff here at Overflow to learn more about trafficking in Chicagoland.
  • Continue to change the world one cup at a time here at Overflow.  Every purchase matters!

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