Change Chicago 1 High School Student at a Time!

One of the things we want to get better at this year is sharing volunteer opportunities.  Promoting volunteerism is part of our mission.  You can learn more about our mission on our website.  In the meantime, here's a great volunteer opportunity for you to consider.

Did you know? Only 3% of Chicago Public School minority students graduate from a 4-year college. 

You could be part of mentoring a CPS High Schooler in Bronzeville to make sure he or she makes it through to college and sticks with it.  The mentoring is mostly virtual, and was designed with working people in mind but retirees, recent college grads and other-not-9-to-5ers can participate too. 

Learn about Chicago’s growing education gap, and what you can do to change the future for our children, and our community @ an interest meeting Monday, January 7 @ 7pm or Saturday, February 2 @ 10:30am here @ Overflow Coffee Bar.

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