Adding Warmth to Our Space

The feedback we hear most often about Overflow's space is that it's not warm enough. It feels sparse and institutional instead of cozy and welcoming.  Over the past month, we've done a few things to help our space feel warmer.

  • We changed the blinds so that we can block out the sunlight when it gets in people's faces.
  • We added new lighting so that the art on our walls isn't in the dark.
  • We added new banquettes (fancy benches) so that the seating is more comfortable and the space has more color.

We're not done yet.  We still have a few things to do as money becomes available.  If you'd like to help us keep upgrading our space to be more welcoming, keep coming in and supporting us.  We're a neighborhood coffee shop so we want to be what the neighborhood wants.  Thanks for being great neighbors!

Before the banquettes were installed:

After the banquettes were installed:

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