Meet Our Staff: Justin Bu.

Post 2 of 6 to help you get to know your favorite baristas here at Overflow.  :)

Justin Bu. "The Cowboy"

1. Where were you born?
Hinsdale, IL.

2. What is the top value that shapes your life?
Looking out for God's and others' best interests, alongside my own.

3. What's your main passion?
Understanding how people and things work and relating to them rightly.

4. Who is your role model?
My dad.

5. Tell us 1 thing you must do before you die.
Travel to Europe.

6. What's your favorite drink or food at Overflow?
The Botz Special.  It's different every time, whatever inspires Botzman. (Note: Botz is another employee. His post is next in the series.)

7. What do you like most about Chicago?
Summer activities.

8. Tell us 1 random thing you'd like people to know about you.
I've been an extra in a Bollywood film.


  1. Sounds delightful! We hope to join you for these strolls!

  2. Not sure how this comment ended up here!


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