Thoughts on Celebrating 1 Year

We made it through our first year!  This is reason to celebrate but not to get comfortable. 

I checked and found that the National Federation of Independent Businesses estimates that over the lifetime of a business, 39% are profitable, 30% break even, and 30% lose money, with 1% falling in the "unable to determine" category.  If we closed up shop today (which we would NOT do!), we'd be in the 30% that lose money. 

This is cause for continuing to light a fire under our butts every morning, work hard, serve our customers well and continue to strive toward making a positive difference in the world.  If anything our 1 year mark is a call to continued action and to improvement - there's always room for improvement.

If you'd like to hear more about our first year, where we currently are and our plans for the coming year, I invite you to attend our Coffee Tasting and Speed Networking Event on March 31.  We'll share more.  You'll get to network and share about your business or world-changing endeavors.  Everyone will enjoy great coffee and food!  We hope you can make it.


  1. congratulations on one year! Thank you for what you do.

  2. Thanks annie! It's our pleasure. :)


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