Film Screenings!

Last night we hosted a screening of Give A Damn?.  Over 50 people came for the film.  We had a bunch more say they were coming up but think the weather kept them away.  The film was followed by a great Q&A time with the filmmakers.  The audience asked some pretty deep, thoughtful questions and the filmmakers responded with deep, thoughtful answers. 

Dan, one of the filmmakers, encouraged everyone to (a) find what makes them angry/sad (like poverty, violence, human trafficking, etc.), (b) find what gives them lots of joy (like film, coffee, writing, building relationships, etc.) and then (c) see how to two things could connect.  This was his suggestion for a sustainable way to make a long-term impact.  Sounds similar to what happens at Overflow.  :)

The next film is coming up on March 22.  This time we're screening Good Fortune. You can watch the trailer here.  Tickets are available here:

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