Coffee 101: History, Selection & Brewing Perfection

We did a survey in July and 20 responded that they'd be interested in a coffee class at Overflow.  Here's your chance to help decide when the first one will be and more about the class itself.

The result of this 2-hour class is that you will know how to brew at home the same cup of coffee you get in our coffee shop.  Overflow's coffee roasting company of choice, Coffee Ambassadors will be partnering with us to offer you the latest information available on the science and art involved in brewing the perfect cup using a handful of different brewing methods.  The class will include some lecture.  But, will mostly be interactive and hands on as you take a step back in time to your high school science lab days.  Only, this time you will get to enjoy some incredible, non-toxic aromas and flavors ranging from grapefruit to blueberry and cocoa nibs to toffee.  That's right folks, these flavors really are found in the delectable coffees we'll be showcasing as a part of this class.

We hope to start this class by mid-September.  Help us decide what date and time to offer this class.  Click here to complete a 3 question survey.

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