Insider's Guide to Overflow

THIS POST IS OUT OF DATE!  See the New Insider's Guide for current suggestions.

Here are a five "insider" tips for making the best of your Overflow experience.

#1 We reward loyalty!  Be sure to start one of our loyalty cards.  With espresso drinks, you get your 5th half off and your 10th FREE.  With coffee and tea, you get your 10th FREE.  You just have to remember to use it.

#2 Refill Policy - FREE coffee refills when you buy an espresso drink.  50% off coffee refills when you buy coffee.

#3 Free Wi-Fi for customers.  We give you the password when you make your purchase.

#4 Mug Discounts - Bring in your own mug or have your drink in a mug "for here" and get $0.20 off your drink's cost.  Purchase an Overflow tumbler and get $0.30 off your drink when you use it.

 #5 Social Media - Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or join our mailing list.  We announce special deals, give away coupons and invite people to events this way.

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