On Customer Service

At Overflow, we value quality customer service.  We want to exceed customer expectations - in atmosphere, taste, and service.  But customer service is a tricky subject.  I'm certain there are many books written on customer service and I do not pretend to be an expert but here on some of my latest musings.  I'd love to hear your ideas too.

Today, we got a bad review on a Chicago Journal piece.  Thankfully Brandon saw it quickly and I was able to respond soon after the review was posted.  This got me to thinking... I have no idea who Mark K is, when he came in, what kind of coffee or muffin he had, or if he will even see my comment to him.  Thus, there's not much I can do.  They say "the best defense is a good offense" so I just have to keep doing the best I can every day and not let people like Mark K get me discouraged. 

I do know that others will see his comment.  Even if just one other person sees the comment, this could make them not want to come or affect their experience if they do come to Overflow.  Therefore, when I responded the best I could on a blog post, I made sure I let people know that they should let us know anytime they get less than what they expect from us.  I also brought it back to the mission - to "make profits to use for nonprofit activities" (to change the world one cup at a time).  No coffee shop can satisfy everyone but every coffee shop has the opportunity to differentiate itself from every other coffee place.  Being different means that people will want to experience your place for themselves at least once and you have the opportunity to prove yourself to them yourself.  Hopefully, our customer service will do some of that but our mission definitely does!

So 2 lessons for today on customer service: (1) don't get discouraged but keep doing your best every day and (2) bring it back to the mission and differentiate yourself.  What lessons do you have for us?  Comment and share.

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