Photo of the Day: Meet An Owner Part II

Overflow Coffee Bar is owned by a husband and wife team.  Today, you get to know the wife - Amanda Neely.

Amanda is 26 years old and has the energy of a young adult but maturity of someone in their 30s.  She grew up in a small town in Ohio in the Appalachian foothills where she learned the value of hard work.  She came to Chicago for college in 2002 and attended the University of Chicago.  Amanda has always been a learner and valued the liberal arts curriculum at the UofC.  After college, Amanda started working in fundraising for a large national nonprofit.  In 2009, she left her position as a grant writer to start pursuing Overflow Coffee Bar.  She completed an internship at an independent, woman-owned coffee shop on the North side and learned all about what it means to own and manage a coffee shop successfully.  Amanda is looking forward to the day Overflow opens and being able to serve the South Loop.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie Genre: Based on True Stories
Favorite Pizza Style: vegetables - the more, the better
Favorite Band: The Beatles (I'm really a child of the 60s at heart)
Favorite Espresso Drink: Almond Milk Cortado
Celebrity Look-alike: None.  If you think you know one, post a comment.

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