Marathon in Review

The marathon is over... Let's summarize.

I ended up working 54.5 hours during the week with some time I had to stay late.  I've finally recovered physically and emotionally.  But I'm still working on getting caught up with my to-do list.

With all the contributions in, we raise $10,832.32.  That's 72% of our $15,000 goal. This money will go toward the electrical and plumbing work being done within the next month.  Whatever is left over will be put toward purchasing the cabinets and counter top that will make up the coffee bar.

While we didn't raise our full goal and I won't get to shave Brandon's head, he is thinking of getting it cut... Be sure to tell him what you think he should do with it!

If you weren't able to give but wanted to, you can use the chip in to the right or send us a contribution.  Just message us for the address. 

Thanks to all you who gave. We got the full matching gift because of your help!

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