The Past Week or So.

On Friday, February 5th I found out Mark from the IRS had our 501(c)(3) application on his desk.  I got his phone number, called, and left a message.

On Monday, February 8th,  Mark returned my call.  He said he would look at the application within the next couple days and would be getting back to me with a request for additional information.

On Wednesday morning around 9:30am, Mark sent me a fax with the requestion for additional information.  The request took up 10 pages and consisted of 18 sets of questions to which he needed answers. 

By Wednesday night around 10:30pm, I had a rough draft of my responses to all Mark's questions ready to send to Overflow's Board of Directors for their feedback.

On Thursday, I received the responses from the board and finalized the answers and their corresponding attachments.

On Friday morning, I went to Staples to get all 34 pages of the answers and attachements printed and ready to go.  Then, went to a partner organization who let me use their fax and sent all 34 pages via fax to Mark.  It was around 9am Central Time when the fax was sent.  Finally, I went to the post office and put everything in the mail to Mark.  I got home around 10:30am and napped for an hour or so.  Then, it was back to work getting caught up with all the things I missed while working on the IRS stuff.

I hope to hear something on Tuesday or shortly thereafter.  Check back for an update as soon as I have one.

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