stepping into a new season

Yesterday was the last day of my internship at The Common Cup... Today is the first day of this next stage of the journey.  I'm calling these next three months the "Kickin' it into High Gear Months."  Here's a snap shot of some of the things I'll be doing:

Grant Writing - Starts with research, research and more research.  Then I move on to intoductory letters, phone calls, emails.  After a "cultivation" period, I'll get to start writing grant applications for the "Set Up Shop" Campaign.

Projects - Our first educational event will be coming up on October 29.  We'd love to have another by the end of December.  There are other projects to work on too: blog posts, e-newsletters, board meetings, etc.

Individual Fundraising - We still have a goal to reach for individual contributions.  I'll be doing some more asking people to give.

Business Plan - There are still some holes to fill in our business plan because I need to research and read more in order to plan well. 

Networking - I'm looking to get involved in some of the non-profit activities going on in my neighborhood.  I want to know better what's going on.  We're also networking with individuals who we think might be interested in getting involved in what we're doing.

I'm sure there's more that will be coming up but those are my marching orders for now.  Changing the world takes work - hard work - but it'll be worth it to see the lives changed in the process.

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